Pinnacle Properties wants to make your rental experience a bit easier for you. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our best tips to help rent your house.

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Spring is the perfect time to refresh your investment property, increasing the appeal to prospective renters and enhancing the return on your investment. Acknowledging the requirements of your tenants (or most likely demographic of tenants), the right improvements can make a big impact and don’t have to cost the earth. We have compiled our list of tips to give your investment property a new ‘lease’ on life, creating an uptick in your rental yield without

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Leasing Lessons

A checklist for making sure you're rent-ready! Queensland is currently experiencing record-low vacancy rates and high application numbers across the State, producing the most tightly held rental market we have seen in almost a decade. In this competitive environment it is crucial to make a good first impression and put your best foot forward when it comes to your rental application, especially for rookie renters that don’t have a history to fall back on. Moving out

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Choosing the Perfect Property Manager

Choosing the right property manager can be an overwhelming experience with the abundance of agencies that now offer this service. With constantly changing legislation and market conditions, property management is no longer simply about collecting the rent but instead requires a qualified professional with comprehensive management skills. If you have decided to rent out your investment property, there are a few key things to consider when you are selecting an agency and a property manager. The

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Secrets of a Successful Landlord

Gone are the days when landlords were just grumpy old men who came around once a month demanding the rent and tenants were unruly 20-somethings who received too many noise complaints. With more Australians renting property than ever before, property management has become a major enterprise, assisting landlords all over the country. To ensure the sustainability and profitability of your investment property, we have compiled a list of industry-proven tips to help you become a

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Some helpful tips from our property managers that will guarantee you a successful application... Communication Clear communication is one of the most common reasons why we can’t approve tenants. Call or email the agent to enquire about the property before you book an inspection if you have certain requirements. Read the advertisement fully and don’t just look at the pictures. Do a drive by the

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Tips for ending a tenancy

Moving is definitely one of the most stressful experiences many people will have. There are so many things to do and remember – it can be completely overwhelming! But it doesn’t have to be this hard!  Set up a list of tasks that need to be done when you end your tenancy and make sure everything is crossed off the list before you move. Easy! If you come to any agreement with the agent or

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The things your property manager should be doing

A lot of property owners don’t understand just how much a good property manager takes responsibility for. It’s about more than just managing a house or apartment, it’s about providing knowledge, giving advice, minimising risks and managing relationships too. What distinguishes a good property manager from a great one is being able to genuinely help a landlord create wealth through property investment. For starters, there’s building insurance

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Pinnacle Properties Property Maintenance

Landlords or individuals who are selling their home, want to receive the highest offer possible. Property managers can help those selling their properties or renting them out find cost-effective ways to spruce up their property, in order to give it an edge on the market. Property maintenance entails the upkeep of any property and ensure that it does not lose its value. However, property maintenance is no easy task and it can often be time consuming

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Tips To Get the Rental You Want

Applying for rental properties can be extremely frustrating, especially after a few knockbacks. However, there are a few traps that a lot of people fall into. Here are some tips for rental success:   1 Arrange a private inspection. If you can avail yourself of a weekday prior to the public inspection, you’re already ahead of the game. 2 Show you want the property. Play nice. Express your sincere

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Have you read your lease properly?

Most people glance over small print, which is fine if everything goes well. However, if a dispute arises, you don’t want to be caught out because you failed to thoroughly read and understand a legal document you signed. Make sure you: • Read the lease properly and understand every aspect of it. • See if there are any expectations by the landlord or management (i.e. pool maintenance). • Investigate something

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Why you should investigate your rental property now to save time later

Upon securing a rental property, it is important that you document the current condition of the place. This will save you lots of time and trouble later down the track. Here are our top tips upon moving into your rental property: • Fill in a thorough entry report. An entry condition report records the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy. Make sure to include

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Are you paying a fair rental amount?

There is nothing worse than realising halfway through your lease that you’ve been paying an unreasonable amount for rent. To avoid this headache, here are some things you should do prior to signing the lease: • Research rental prices in the area to make sure you are paying a fair rental amount. • Consult a real estate agent. They have extensive knowledge and experience and will be able to provide

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