Exceeding expectations

Pinnacle Properties is run by a hard-working team of friendly and passionate individuals, who each bring their own personality, experiences and strengths to the table. Having lived in different pockets of Brisbane—together—the Pinnacle Properties team holds a diverse knowledge to help you buy, sell, rent or invest in a property.

The positive culture within Pinnacle Properties has fostered a solid team who are motivated to work hard but never forget their kindness or integrity. Pinnacle Properties prides themselves on their communication skills, which means you’ll hear from one of our team members consistently. Whether it is by text, email, on the phone or in person, they work to ensure that you are always kept up to date. Being available to all of their clients is a commitment they stand behind.

Von Barnes
Property Consultant & Buyer's Agent
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0409 481 594 More About Von
Jacquelyn Draper
Property Consultant
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0411 430 578 More About Jacquelyn
Andy Verinchuk
Property Consultant
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0466 637 455 More About Andy
John Barnes
Property Manager
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0477 713 108 More About John
Kimberly Ives
Property Manager
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0423 571 883 More About Kimberly
Lucero Fecioru
Marketing Manager
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0408 511 073 More About Lucero
Mikaela Briggs
Personal Assistant to Von Barnes
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0499 499 955 More About Mikaela
Beth Purton
Property Stylist
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0403 284 400 More About Beth
Sandra McQueen
Property Manager Assistant
p: 1300 556 745 m: 0402 098 067 More About Sandra