buyer’s agent?

Trying to find your perfect property is tiresome enough. So why add more stress to your load? Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals who specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of you—the buyer.

At Pinnacle Properties, we are lucky enough to have Von Barnes: an expert in the property industry with specialist experience as a buyer’s agent. When working with Von, you’ll have exposure to a wider range of properties (many not even advertised) through her contacts. Von is mindful of current market conditions to help you find the right property in locations with promise for capital growth.

Von has worked extensively in this market particularly for the busy professional or interstate investors. Her skill is in her ability to interpret your dream and bring it to a reality. Many of her clients trust her to the extent that they do not see the property prior to settlement. Or… even after settlement! This genuine trust in her judgement is a rare occurrence in the real estate world and one that brings many recommendations to Pinnacle Properties’ doors.

You won’t feel left behind; Von and her team will look after you every step of the home buying process, as your advisor, advocate, bidder and negotiator.