Tips to get

the rental you want


Applying for rental properties can be extremely frustrating, especially after a few knockbacks. However, there are a few traps that a lot of people fall into. Here are some tips for rental success:


1 Arrange a private inspection. If you can avail yourself of a weekday prior to the public inspection, you’re already ahead of the game.

2 Show you want the property. Play nice. Express your sincere interest in the property and assure the agent of your ability to meet the rent. Keep in mind that the agent is the only other person in the landlord’s ear. If you can build a positive relationship with the agent, you are much better placed to be approved. Be friendly and not too annoying.

3 Fill out your application neatly and thoroughly. This means answering all the questions. We need to know your employer details as well as your landlord’s so we can check up on your history. We have an obligation to your property owner to do this.

4 Don’t be offended if your agent asks for proof of deposit or asks you into their office to sign a lease.

5 Give us any documents you have to support your application. If you have letters of commendation from previous rentals or a letter stating your income from your employer, these are exactly the kinds of things any property manager looks for. A copy of a bank statement with a healthy bank balance is also a good item to include, especially if you are new to the country or between work.

6 Act quickly. This is probably the most important tip of all. If you like a place, get your application in as soon as possible.

7 Ask for a longer lease. Here’s the thing about landlords: many of them like to ‘set and forget’ when it comes to their rental properties.

So the next time you find a good rental property, be on the front foot and ensure that the only stand-out rental application is your own.