For New Tenants


Some helpful tips from our property managers that will guarantee you a successful application…

  1. Communication
    • Clear communication is one of the most common reasons why we can’t approve tenants.
    • Call or email the agent to enquire about the property before you book an inspection if you have certain requirements. Read the advertisement fully and don’t just look at the pictures. Do a drive by the property first to ensure the location is suitable. This saves wasting your time and the agents time.
    • Engage with the agent at the inspection appointment. Especially if there are several groups viewing the property, this may be the difference you need to stand out from the crowd. Let them know details about yourself and what you are looking for, when you can move in and give feedback about your honest thoughts on price or condition of the property. It will be appreciated by the property manager and the property owner.
    • Don’t stand property managers up. If you have made an appointment to see someone and you cannot make it, we cannot stress enough, call ahead and reschedule. You do not want to limit your chances of being approved by ignoring / disrespecting the property manager who is taking time out of their day to open the property for you.
    • Answer your phone and respond as soon as possible. If you have filled in an application wrong we need to be able to contact you as soon as possible so we can get the correct information and proceed with the application. If we can’t get a hold of you we will proceed with the next application. Just because you may have submitted the first application does not guarantee you anything ever.

  1. Documentation
    • Read the document, and fill it out completely and properly. If you are not sure how to answer a question call us. We would much rather explain it to you so you understand in the future, compared to you filling it out wrong and we then have to chase you for the answer we are looking for. Provide phone numbers and email addresses of your employer and current property manger or landlord. The more details the quicker your application can be processed.
    • If the application asks for supporting documents, provide them. You would be amazed with how many applications we get with no supporting documents.
    • Supporting documents include pay slips from employers(3 most recent), Centrelink payment summary, proof of identification such as drivers licences / passports etc. Medicare card, proof of current address, (such as a phone bill or even a bank statement with your name and current address). Written references are always good too.
    • If you are applying for a rental property within QLD you need to sign a Privacy Disclosure form, this should be supplied to you via the application site or paperwork at the inspection. It is a legal obligation for the property manager conducting background searches to provide this to your referees, If you have not signed this document, we cannot complete your application. By signing this document you give us that authority.
    • Link to the form is below: (This is the form which our agency uses as we are subscribed to the Trading Reference Australia application website. 1Form applications will provide a similar consent form.

  1. Employment
    • If you are employed, it is best practice to attach your three most recent pay slips, regardless of if its weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Three payslips show consistency andgives the property managers a clear indication of your regular income and whether you can afford the rent.
    • If you are unemployed and you receive government benefits such as Centrelink or Austudy, please attach the payment summary that can be provided by Centrelink and details your fortnightly payments received. Similar to someone who is employed, it gives the property manager an indication if you can afford the property that you are applying for.

  1. Affordability
    • Most property managers use the same rule to determine based on your payslips if you can afford the property you are applying for. If the rent exceeds 30% of your income then it is unlikely that you will be approved. For example, if you earn $500 a week and the rent is less than $150, you will have no problems, however, if then rent exceeds this the property manager may still rent to you, it will come down to your references. If there are several applicants, this calculation will take into consideration the combined income for all applicants. In some cases you may be able to have a parent or relative sign as a ‘guarantor’ who is responsible for covering your rent should you default, this person would be named on the tenancy agreement contract.

  1. References
    • On your tenancy application it will ask for you to provide some references who will vouch for you and ultimately convince the property manager that you will be a good tenant and will look after the property that you have applied for. Please note: References cannot be family, so maybe go and ask current or past employers, school teachers or university lecturers, previous housemates if you have any, they just cannot be family unfortunately.
    • For the best chance of a property manager getting through to your referees, tell them in advance that they should expect a call from a property manager to ask about you.
    • On your application it is best practice to have a minimum of three references, we only need to get through 2, so that acts as your insurance in case one person can’t pick up the phone.

  1. Time
    • Property management is a very fast pace position, if you want the best chance to be approved you need to apply as soon as you can. There is nothing worse than applying for a property and then finding out you were one day too late. Act fast!

Property managers will take the best candidate always, not the first one, so complete the application property, provide the correct documentation and have your references ready to guarantee yourself the best chance at being successfully approved.