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Outstanding Experience: Genuine care, regular communication, respectful negotiations & great return
Von Barnes & her team were brilliant from start to finish. Our tenants exited with limited notice prior to lease expiry and we were left to prepare & list our property just prior to Christmas. Von was the only agent that was genuinely positive about taking our property to market over that period. She saved us time and money by staging the property through their in-house stylist which was a huge plus. Von worked tirelessly during our preparation period and was able to engage a number of quality buyers at a time when the property market was transitioning. We received a solid offer within a few days however given the early stage of the marketing campaign we collectively decided to give it a few more weeks to canvas the market over the festive season. Von continued to put heart and soul into marketing our property and ultimately achieved an extraordinary price for which we are truly grateful.
Thank you Von for your incredible positive energy, your selfless respectful approach, and your patient demeanour. You are an absolute blessing… and a big thank you to the whole Team @ Pinnacle Properties. Recommend Von as highly ethical, energised and positive. She has incredibly unique way to engage buyer and seller and create a win/win outcome.



18 Grevillea Road, Ashgrove Seller

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