Tips when you are selling

your property on your retirement


Selling the home where your children were raised and leaving behind neighbours and friends can be difficult and stressful. Add to that the challenges of relocating to a new area, moving into a smaller space, villages, communities, the country and making new friends. Pinnacle Properties give you some simple ways to help you feel at home in
retirement. Here are some:

1. Location: Think about location as a key driver in where you decide to settle. You might want to stay close to family or move closer to friends. You might want to
finally make a move into your favorite suburb. Or move out of the town you never much cared for.
2. Specific requirements in your next home: Review the myriad of options out there: Cooperative living, retirement villages and communities, new homes
modified for aged needs.

3. Make a shortlist: research your shortlist, visit retirement villages or communities and get professional assistance where needed.

4. Financial health check: get a complete picture of retirement village fees and charges, and ensure you’ll manage while living your desired lifestyle. Check if there are extra charges added as your situation changes later in life.

5. Keep the tradition: Choose a retirement home that helps maintain habits and hobbies you love, and communities that help you thrive. Identify aspects of your life that can remain constant while others shift.


For most seniors, relocating from the longtime family house to a retirement living community involves more than just moving. You also must downsize decades of belongings. Although the process may seem overwhelming, the keys to making the process as smooth as possible are planning, organizing, and enlisting help.


– Do it bit by bit: Trying to whittle down possessions accumulated over many years in just a few days is impractical and exhausting. Take your time.

– Start strategically: Begin in little-used rooms and cause the least amount of disruption to daily life.

– Get the kids involved: The belongings of children who left home long ago may still be filling the attic and basement. Ask the kids to take their possessions to their own homes.

– Manage emotions: Keep parts of beloved items, the ones that give you memories and emotions.

– Go digital: Old photos, slides, newspaper clippings, and more can now be converted to electronic formats.

– Donate wisely: Donating furniture, kitchenware, clothing, and other items in good condition benefit others.

– Garage Sale: sell furniture, kitchenware and clothing in good condition will help you to get money for items that you do not use anymore.

– Seek professional help if needed: If the move is urgent or the work is too much to handle, consider enlisting the assistance of a specialist. We can help you with this.

– Think positively: While parting with cherished possessions may not be easy, many seniors ultimately find it liberating.

Pinnacle Properties has a commitment with you in this process. We have the knowledge and understanding that taking the next step, whilst may be difficult, can have many possibilities. We aim to discuss with you what your ideal living situation may be in the future, and then can help you plan to get there.