Tips for presenting

your home for sale


“Open for inspections” and buyer appointments are a wonderful opportunity to showcase your property in its best light. A well-presented home will definitely command a higher price than the same property that is not presented so well.

Although it may feel inconvenient at times, buyers definitely respond well to being able to inspect a property at short notice, so it is important to keep your property reasonably well-presented at all times during the sale period. Pinnacle Properties agents will always endeavour to give the most amount of notice possible to hold an inspection. Pinnacle Properties commitment and promise is to be available at the earliest convenience to obtain a possible sale. If buyers have to wait until the next day to inspect a property, we run a high risk of that buyer viewing other properties in the meantime – and we may well lose that potential buyer to another house sale.

– Take away the fear factor. Before listing, it is often worthwhile to have certain tasks attended to prior to going to market: if it is broken fix it, if it looks outdated paint it or update it.

– When listing a vacant property such as a previously tenanted property please ensure electricity is connected.

– It is worth “de-cluttering” and even putting goods into storage prior to the first showing. The more spacious and open your property appears, the more it will appeal to buyers.

– Make sure your property is clean, tidy and smells nice at all times. This is particularly important if you are a smoker or have pets. If you have pets, please endeavour to have them secured or out for a walk during inspections, as some people may be scared of dogs.

– Your property will always sparkle and look more appealing with the lights on throughout. If we turn lights on during an inspection, we will always turn them off prior to our departure.

– If the weather is extremely hot and humid, having the air-conditioning or fans on just prior to the inspection will help.

– If you wish to maintain your privacy, it’s best to remove family photographs from rooms (if practical). It also helps potential buyers to not feel that they are intruding in someone’s home.

– Valuables – please always ensure that jewellery and valuables are out of sight and secure. Buyers are escorted through your property but it is wise to have your valuables put away safely.

– Little touches like fresh flowers, nice scents or aromas and soft music playing, they can definitely create a lovely ambience to a property and appeal to the potential buyer’s senses.

– If you are selling a premium-priced property, you may wish to consider engaging a staging expert to showcase your property to its particular audience. Pinnacle Properties can recommend experts in this field.

– If you have a pool you will need it to be certified. If the property is part of a community title scheme i.e. like a townhouse a full disclosure statement must be obtained from the Body Corporate.

Pinnacle Properties can help you work out what is important and what is not. We have access to a wide range of tradies and services if help is required.