We’ve all been there when it comes to spring cleaning our homes, we start out with the best of intentions and with high levels of enthusiasm, but it wears off quickly. There’s no getting around it, cleaning isn’t fun, but there are steps that you can take to make things go a little smoother and avoid losing momentum. Whether you are planning on selling, renting or it’s just time to show your property a little bit of love, we have compiled our top tips to get you through the cleaning season!


It may seem simple, but making a list of the jobs that need doing around your home is a good place to start when trying to tackle a spring clean. Create a checklist for each room, starting with the items that you skip during routine cleaning. It can be tempting to do a little here and a little there in various rooms throughout your home, but this often results in becoming overwhelmed, leaving a bigger mess than there was to begin with! Having a plan will allow you to stay focused and on track, so that if you do need to leave and come back halfway through, you can easily continue where you left off.

HOT TIP – To make your spring cleaning more manageable, break tasks down into achievable 10 – 15-minute increments. Creating a time limit for tasks allows you to be more time-conscious, productive and will prevent you from spending too long on certain jobs.


This advice is especially relevant if you are moving homes but can also be utilised as a clear-out method. Before you begin, establish three categories to sort items into that are along the lines of Donate, Repair & Store. Creating these three sections helps you to only keep things that you use regularly and that are in good/working condition. If something doesn’t fall into one of these categories, it is a clear sign that it is time for the item to be thrown out, preventing you from hanging onto things that you no longer need/no longer work.

HOT TIP – Keep a running list of other projects that pop up while you clean. This way you won’t prolong the process by becoming distracted, and you can come back to them later.


There is nothing worse than getting your cleaning momentum going and then realising that you don’t have the right products or enough of them. Prepare beforehand by gathering the necessary materials to clean your home and stock up on basics like wet wipes and scourers. Some tried and tested tricks for common home surfaces include baking soda to clean stainless steel sinks and appliances, vinegar for shower scum build-up and lemon juice for stained glass.

HOT TIP – If you are unsure what to use on the various surfaces, there is plenty of information available online. Alternatively, ask for recommendation from friends and family as to what works best for them.


The external appearance of your home can make a big difference to its’ overall appeal and functionality, so don’t forget to give your garden some love too! Clean your outdoor light fixtures, wipe down your outdoor furniture, clean sliding door tracks and gurney paths/patios in preparation to enjoy your al fresco spaces during the warmer months. Keep it simple by tidying up your lawn and weeding garden beds, or get inspired and completely refresh your outdoor living areas.

HOT TIP – Transform your al fresco living areas by adding a pop of colour through container plants, create some evening ambience through feature lighting or add a tranquil water feature to increase relaxation.