Should a Home Be Occupied

or Vacant When Home Selling?


Home sellers often ask that question: should they stay or should they go? They can see reasons for selling the home vacant as well as the reasons for staying in the home while it is on the market for sale.

Benefits of Selling a Home While It is Vacant

– For starters, a homeowner is not interrupted at inopportune times to show the home.

– The chances that a real estate agent will show your home are increased.

– The seller isn’t under continual pressure to keep her home in immaculate showing condition and spotless at all times.

– The property will be well presented and clean and tidy.

– You can style your property and that can make a massive difference, as stylists know how to bring out the full potential of the home, which can lead to a higher selling price.

Reasons to Stay in the Home When Selling

– Thieves are unlikely to break into a home that is occupied. Vacant homes can attract crime. On top of the damage that can happen when a thug breaks into a vacant house, a seller might end up paying out-of-pocket to make repairs because her homeowner’s insurance policy might not insure a vacant home.

– A homeowner is present to deal with emergencies.

– To check out the buyer. If the seller is home when the buyer’s agent arrives with the buyers, the seller might have an opportunity to meet in person the potential new home buyers.

– The seller is paying the utilities. Sellers typically need to leave the home utilities turned on, whether the home is vacant or occupied. By living in the home while it is shown for sale, a seller does not have to pay duplicate utility bills.