Increase Your Sale

Price Through Styling!


Tips to help increase the sale price of your property through styling

It is widely accepted in the real estate game that styling has become a critical aspect of marketing a property in order to achieve an optimal sale price. If done right, property styling can increase the sale price of your property by up to 15%, so it makes sense to invest time and money into ensuring your property looks its’ absolute best when it comes time to put it on the market. Whether you decide to hire a professional stylist or opt to take on the task yourself, we have outlined a few key rules to follow when styling your residence in preparation for sale.

Decide on a Demographic

Possibly the most important step, identifying your most likely buyer will help establish the areas of your home that you should focus on. For example, if your target market is young professionals, enhance your property’s appeal by creating a study nook, or if you are located in an area highly populated by young families, turn the office into a nursery or child’s bedroom to showcase versatility. Making your property appear welcoming, aesthetically pleasing and clean are now considered the bare minimum, and styling to help a potential buyer see themselves living there can boost your end sale price significantly.

Choose your Colours Carefully

One of the most common mistakes when homeowners DIY-style their properties is adding brightly coloured ‘feature’ items without having a colour scheme in mind. Sticking to a colour palette helps to create cohesion and should be reduced to three or four colours maximum. If you are inexperienced with styling, it is safest to keep things neutral, adding colour accents through cushions, throws and other furnishings. White gives the illusion of a larger space and brightens a home, so avoid using dark colours as a base palette for your property, keeping in mind that the golden rule is, less is more!

Exterior Elements

Whether you have a home with an expansive garden, or an apartment with a modest balcony, emphasising the outdoor living areas of your property is crucial in an advantageous climate such as ours. Natural or high-quality artificial greenery is an excellent way to spruce up an outdoor area, whether it is through small potted plants or low maintenance garden beds and planter boxes. Stain timber decks, waterblast or paint concrete surfaces to refresh your al fresco entertaining area, adding outdoor furniture to create an inviting setting that buyers can envision themselves utilising.

Extra Tips

  • First impressions count, so use the entrance to set the tone for the rest of the property
  • Furnishings such as cushions, throws, rugs & towels a low-cost way to enhance your home
  • Mirrors make spaces appear bigger, so add them to bedrooms, bathrooms & living areas
  • Remove personalised items & knick knacks so buyers can visualise themselves in the space
  • Replace worn handles on doors/cabinets, make beds neatly & maximise natural light