How to prepare your property

for sale


We all know first impressions count. And when it comes to selling property, that’s all you’ve got. So, here are some tips to make sure you nail your inspection:

  1. Remove personal clutter. It’s best to get rid of anything that is too personal, idiosyncratic or will interfere with buyers visualising themselves in your home.
  2. Do your repairs now. Have any door handles that need replacing? Or maybe you need to give your front door a recoat? The little things really do go a long way. Broken parts or minor damages can deter buyers, as they may view your home as worn or unsafe.
  3. Give your house a thorough clean. Nothing is more appealing and inviting to buyers than an immaculate home. Pay particular attention to walls, floors and any mold in the tiling of your bathroom and kitchen.
  4. Set the mood. Appeal to all the senses of your buyers by playing relaxing music, baking fresh bread or cookies and having flower arrangements on display.

Implement this advice and you’re sure to be bombarded with some very enthusiastic buyers, ready to take the property off your hands.