Why you still

haven’t found your dream home


Three-bedroom house. Contemporary style. A decent sized patio to entertain guests. Two bathrooms. A fenced yard.

Most people seem to know what they want when buying a house, right?

Yet, too often I come across buyer’s who have wasted time visiting properties that don’t even meet their requirements to begin with. These people are not serial time-killers; they have just failed to thoroughly express on paper their negotiable and non-negotiable features when buying a home.

So, what are some key factors every buyer should consider? (But probably haven’t).

1. Neighbourhood. Have you taken into account what the noise level is like? Are there any pet restrictions? What is the age mix of inhabitants? Your answers to these questions will be pivotal in determining whether the area of this neighbourhood suits your nature.
2. Schools. If you have children, you should investigate the character of nearby schools. Do they have a respectable reputation? Are they in good condition? What are the class sizes like? Is public transport available to and from school? Do you need to worry about the transition into senior school?
3. Convenience. How does your house stand in relation to other useful establishments? Such as public transport, the Doctors’ office, parks or the supermarket?

While it may sound obvious, knowing what you want and articulating these requisites may just be the missing piece in finding your ideal property.