21B Bognuda St, Bundamba Buyer – Pinnacle Properties Pty Ltd 21B Bognuda St, Bundamba Buyer – Pinnacle Properties Pty Ltd

“Von, a true legend and my miracle”
I can’t say enough about Von. professionalism, true caring nature, and extensive knowledge/connections. She brings all these qualities to the table for her clients, in the real estate transaction. I liked Von instantly on the first day that she was just showing the house to me. She is honest, helpful and kind at the same time. Being honest in this industry is quite rare unfortunately and I feel so lucky that someone like Von was the one I dealt with. She answers her phone and replies to text instantly. Even during the Christmas holidays and even after my settlement was finalised. Throughout the whole process Von was responsive and thoughtful in her recommendations to me. She is the most service-oriented realtor I have heard of. When there was a small hiccup on my settlement day and I was extremely upset and worried, she was my true miracle. She talked to lawyers then talked to the land lord and sorted all the problems out without me even asking her to do so. She handed the house key to me before the settlement and with zero interest cost to me. Von, doesn’t forget you once the deal is done. I have called her regarding my phone and internet connection, blinds, the house builder guarantee and antenna services, among other professionals. She has always come through with excellent, timely recommendations and problem solving attitude. To this day, she always makes me feel like helping me is her highest priority. Von and her team provide excellent, personalized service. I highly recommend their team for your real estate transaction.

21B Bognuda St, Bundamba Buyer

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