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“Walks on Water”

It is with great pleasure that I give this testimonial on the service provided to me by Von Barnes and the Pinnacle Properties team. Following some serious life events, I was blessed to purchase my property and with the assistance of my brother and my family I was able to develop the site, to be left with a home for myself and with a property to sell.  But, unfortunately with a very large mortgage! When it was time to sell the brand new house that had been built for me, we engaged an agent who had achieved a very high price for a property nearby, with no success.  Following this first agent we had to engage another 3 agents over a period of 6 months, some of which were “Big Guns” in our area, but all with no success! I was referred to Von by my previous Bank Manager, whom I trust, and was told that Von can sell the unsellable … And, that Von “Walks on Water”! We engaged Von, and immediately saw the difference with the service that is provided by Pinnacle Properties! Von and her team fully furnished my property, and did a better job than the professionals we had engaged prior to this.  It took 5 days to fill my house, as it is a very large home, 5 full days of brining furniture in, setting up the furniture, finding the perfect pieces, including artwork, with every room in the house furnished. The house was turned from a brand new home, which may have come across as a bit austere, to a home filled with warmth and love. On the first open for inspection day, Von had an offer made for the property, as well as other potential offers. The offer that was made, on Von’s first day of inspections, was carried through to contract and to the sale of my property. The difference in Von’s approach, is that rather than trying to hide the two negative points about my property, one being that the property had a shared driveway and the other being that the property is on a main road, Von celebrated these points, and turned them into positives!  At the open inspection, interested buyers were informed at the front door, about the two matters, right up front, and then asked to come and have a look … I was contacted daily by Von or one of her Personal Assistants (she has 5!), to keep me fully informed of what was happening.  This did not happen with the other agents, and I found this very stressful, as I did not know what was happening and most of the time, I had to call them myself. Von, stuck the SOLD sign on the front of my property, and they sign says “SOLD BECAUSE WE CHOSE THE RIGHT AGENT” the truth is right there on the sign! I would highly recommend Von and the Pinnacle Properties team to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a property, you will have a wonderful, personal, memorable and life changing experience once you get to know Von as a person (she is all HEART!)

217 Days Rd, Grange Seller

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