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Von isn’t your typical ‘sales-y’ agent – she’s more like a knowledgable (and exceptionally enthusiastic!) friend who happens to sell houses, and does so very well. We’ve just sold three properties in quick succession with her and have been extremely impressed with the way she has handled each of them as they’ve all had their unique challenges. Each time Von and her team rose to the occasion and sorted out and solved whatever it was that needed to be taken care of. We also appreciated she was as considerate of our buyers as she was of us – it meant everyone’s needs could be catered for around timings for settlement, and so on. Of real importance to us was the way Pinnacle was able to jump in and take care of any and all aspects that were required to make the sale happen, be it practicalities like repairs, or smoothing technical glitches along the way. As busy and usually time-poor people it was great to have the resources of Von and her team to hand to help with what we were unable to get to ourselves. We also very much appreciated that she would often go the extra mile when it came to boosting our marketing at key times – I’m not sure how many agents would do this. Von made it easy to do business in pretty much all ways. She and her team smoothed the path remarkably and she was always available to answer our questions. There was a consideration for every aspect that consistently went above and beyond. I think the fact we engaged Von to sell our three properties says it all. Our only regret was our recent purchase came up via another agent – we would have loved to have completed our recent property rationalisation exercise by having had Von sell us our new home as well!

13a Elms Street, Bundamba Sellers

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