12 Minaji Court, Karana Downs Seller – Pinnacle Properties Pty Ltd 12 Minaji Court, Karana Downs Seller – Pinnacle Properties Pty Ltd

I met Jacquelyn last November as she had completed a letter box drop drumming up business in my local area. My living arrangements were changing and we had a lengthy discussion.
At this time I didn’t know Jacquelyn was a hairdresser in a past life, I should have. She put me at ease straight away and we chatted for over two hours. This was our introduction and throughout my dealings with Jacquelyn I have always felt heard, respected and a friend.
I’ve bought and sold a few properties over the years, but no Agent has ever been like Jacquelyn.
My home wasn’t ready for sale, so it was time to roll up my sleeves and get it ready, I was not alone, Jacquelyn was there every step of the way. She had the grand scheme, the drive and the motivation to keep me going when my energy levels dropped.
She helped me in the garden, replanting, weeding, watering and making it look beautiful. She was there for the deep cleaning that was needed on the weather board, tiles and pavers.
The interior was not left out, she painted, cleaned (including the oven), reorganised cupboards, furniture to give the property the very best chance to get a good price.
Not only this, for the past few months I’ve even been using her furniture, soft furnishings and pot plant to dress the house.
Obviously she organises everything that you would expect, photos, signs, openings, advertising etc, but it’s the work done in the background that shows her commitment to her clients. Researching and getting quotes for carpet, flooring, fittings, this list goes on.
This lady is a people person and over the past few months has been an Agent and friend, this energised pocket rocket will be with you for the whole journey to its successful conclusion.
I cannot recommend her more highly, I urge you to give her that first chat, she will do the rest.
Jacquelyn is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.
As the slogan says “Everything they touch turns to SOLD!

12 Minaji Court, Karana Downs Seller

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